Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vanakkam Machas and Machis

It took me five grueling years to create a blog for myself.
1. I am lazy. Man, you guessed that right. I big lazy bum, who spends time on unusually unimportant and unadvisedly unambitious things.
2. Education. Of-course it ruined me. Would have been much better had I not opted for that, cos it still stays ruined.
3. Everything takes its time :P. The words I commonly use to avoid using the P Word.
4. I dint think Blogging is a serious business. I thought it was for those who think they have got all the time in the world(that doesn't mean I haven't, chumma telling)
5. I like vettiness rather than thinking what I should update in my blog. Man, that seriously takes a toll.
6. I never thought I could ever blog. If not for this person(L), I wouldn't have started even now. L's blog inspired me to start one. And yeah I managed to do so (Kudos to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


7. I dint know how to create blog.
8. I thought I need to pay for a blog.
9. I am a technically retard person.
10. I am a bad writer.
11. I don't know written English
12. I don' have time for silly blogs.
13. I am afraid of the fact that no one will be benefited out of my blog (even me)
14 I AM A LIAR!!!

Well well. Now that there actually is a blog, and I am almost done with a blog-post, I would like to give some credits to things and people who helped me in this process.

1. Ms. L - the person whom I mentioned previously. 
2. Mr. R - myself.
3. Mr. D - My laptop.
4. Ms. C - the Browser
5. Mr. B - the medium which helped me link to you guys.
6. Ms. T - Please don't tell me you don't know what it is.

and Of-course
7. Mr. K- you guessed it right. DECOCTION Kaapi (I am extremely happy here. Gives me same level of happiness as it gives to a director of a movie who makes it a point to spell out the movie name in some scene at least. Simmmbly saying)

Yeah, the important part. What you might find here?
1. Mokka stories.
2. Cricket related mokkais.
3. Mokka Philosophy (Get ready with your chanting beads. Pray to god that you never ever encounter those)
4. My mokka thoughts when I have a sip of Decoction Kaapi (happy again :))
5. Some random stuffs. Dont ask me what. Haven't thought about it either.
6. Politics. 
7. (Hmm. I can read your mind. You want me to end it here right? yes here comes the last) Day-to-day life, friends, office, auto,  people, interaction, Decoction (:)) etc. etc.

and now for all of you who read at least some part of the above crappy content, I can really assure you that I will try not to use Numbering bullets in my future posts. I know its tiring.

Copying the words of Mr. Kalmadi -"I hereby declare Decoction Kaapi hot and strong!"

1. For those of you who might still wonder what the P word actually is, I will say that in my next post. See I have revealed it now :S

2. To my non tamil friends. Decoction Kaapi will help you know a bit more about Decoction Kaapi.

3. And for those of you who are still wondering about the Numbering bullets used here, I could say only one thing. "Ivan ippdi dan"

No, I wont give you any reward/recognition for getting me the number of numerical numbers enumerated(sheeesh ..)here
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  1. Ill start of with the usual comments then. Welcome to the Blogosphere Rahul !

  2. Gud one for the first post!!:)

  3. The decotion coffe photo is very nice :P>::)

  4. Mama what you mean by "You are a traditional tambram"???? Nee velachery nadherila :) And you forgot the other food menus that you have regularly that keeps you size-zero viz., Pizzas,Burger,Chicken,Mutton etc.. :P

  5. @all thanks
    @kya - post ah pathi edavdu solalam :S
    @Arun - pls dont spam